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Outlook 2003 screens and OOTD open simultaneously

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Outlook 2003 screens and OOTD open simultaneously

Is there a way to open both Outlook 2003 and OOTD simultaneously?  I would like to keep the calendar open on my                       desktop permanently and, at the same time, open the original Outlook to access my mail, notes, contacts, etc.  I can open           other programs and use them while the OOTD calendar is also open but, right now, when the calendar from OOTD is                       open on my desktop and I click on my Outlook taskbar icon, nothing happens.  I have to close OOTD in order to open the full                      Outlook 2003 program and then close Outlook in order to use the calendar OOTD.  Can both be open and on the desktop                        at the same time?  I also lilke getting alerts popups whenever I get a new email and I don't get them when only OOTD is                       open.


That's strange, I'm able to have both open at the same time.  Although I don't use 2003, so it might be a problem specific with that version.  Are you all up to date on patches?

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