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Frequently Asked Questions

This was a bug in Microsoft Outlook in the original release of Office 2010.  Installing SP1 of Office 2010 fixes the issue.  Please use windows update to get SP1.

This is due to a recent change Microsoft made in Outlook 2007 SP2 and Outlook 2010.  Microsoft has changed the shut down procedure for Outlook to ensure it shuts down in a more timely manner.  In the process, I beleve they introduce a bug.   The outlook view control creates an instance of Outlook, but the instance shutdowns when open and then closing an item from the view control, even though the outlook view control itself is still running. 

One simple workaround that seems to work is to launch Outlook and leave it running before launching Outlook on the Desktop. I am in the process of trying to find a better workaround that doesn't require user intervention, but have not been successful yet.

Yes, OotD will work fine on both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this.  Microsoft decided to strip this functionality from Windows Vista and above.  However, there is a trick that still works:

Hold the "Windows Key" and press M to minimize all windows.  It will minimize everything except Outlook on the Desktop, essentially achieving the same effect as Show Desktop.  "Windows Key" + Shift + M will restore your minimized windows.

All of the configuration for Outlook on the Desktop is done through the tray icon for the program. That is the white icon with the day of the month on it in the bottom right corner of your screen. Right click on it to access all the configuration options.

To uninstall, you have to first close the program. To do that: Right Click on the tray icon for Outlook on the Desktop (the small white icon with the day of the month on it in the bottom right corner of your screen) and click "Exit" You can then proceed with the uninstall from Add/Remove Programs.

There is no one definitive answer for this. In most cases it is caused by an incorrect or partially corrupt installation of Microsoft Office. Doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of Office usually fixes it. In other cases, it's simply a case of a dll that was not registered correctly during installation. This has worked for some people:

Alternatively, you can also try using an older version (which uses a different mechanism to connect to Outlook).

See the above requirements .. if you are running Microsoft Office 2000, you need to have SR-1a at the very least installed. You can get it here. If you are sure you meet the minimum requirements, then it could very well be a problem with your office installation. Doing a detect and repair in the help menu of Outlook has sometimes fixed the problem, as has upgrading to the latest service pack available for your version of Microsoft Office.
Close OotD, then open Microsoft Outlook and set up the calendar the way you would like to see it in OotD and then close Microsoft Outlook. The next time you start OotD it will load with that layout.
The easiest way to go back to month view is to right click anywhere inside the OotD window and click "Goto Date" then select "Month View" from the pull down.
Unfortunately not. As far as I can tell, Microsoft has not provided any way of hosting the Outlook Today page inside of of the Outlook View Control (which OotD uses). In fact, it was meant to be used the other way around. Outlook Today is meant to contain the outlook view control to customize it.
At the present time, no. I am looking at adding the ability to do this.